The Answer Why More Your Industries Are Buying API Gauges from FYOU GAUGES

FYOU GAUGES, the leading gage solutions server ,  Whose  API Thread Gauges and Premium Connection Gauges have been used worldwide and receiving the highest quality reputation.
FYOU GAUGES supplies a complete of the Thread Gauges listed in the API Spec.5B and 7-2.To find out more information on our products, please contact us by We try to provide the best possible solution for you as quickly as we can.

[Longer Lasting]
 Correct treatments such as heat and anti-distort purposes and selection of the right materials made the FYOU GAUGES reputable for its quality and the longer life.

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[Easying to use]
 For portable and easy maintenance purposes, the handle is standard- equipped on all products. And the handle is free.


[Advanced Technology]
With the abundant know-how and the technologies, FYOU GAUGES can design gauges that are “beyond API specification” for you. In other words, FYOU GAUGES can make the products that meet your requirements and needs, just the way you wish.


[Manufacturing Capabilities]
FYOU GAUGES  provide a complete line of API Thread Gages and ANSI thread gages.We have enough stock for the complete line of API working gages and most of ANSI /ASME Gages in the ware house to meed the urgent demand.

[Higher Quality]
FYOU GAUGES is in possession of many measuring instruments on its assembly lines. And therefore, this leads that FYOU GAUGES is currently offering to you the products that are reliable and of  high quality.

Metric Thread Ring Gauges

When ordering, please provide more information for the following:

  1. Type of Thread
  2. Size of Gauge.
  3. Reference master or working gauges or smooth taper gauges
  4. Box or Pin or both; Ring or Plug or both;
  5. Right hand or left hand, in case of API Spec. 7-2 thread gauges.

For example: if you want to order API Spec 5B 4 1/2 CSG working gages please mark as below:

Order:4 1/2 CSG BOX and PIN  Working Gages ;

Please note: If you not marking the working or master or smooth taper gages, we usually quote for the working gages, and ship to you for the working gages.

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